Sunday, March 26, 2017

the rest is still unwritten

My intent is not for this to be weight loss blog. Been there, done that.  Right now, improving my fitness is top of mind though, so I probably will post about it quite a bit.  I was thinking about weight loss blogs I used to follow, and Pasta Queen came to mind. She transitioned away from blogging solely about weight loss and started a new blog. I was browsing around some of her recent posts, and in November she posted about her distress over the election, and she is clearly not a Trump fan (as I am not). A woman responded to her post, angry about her "political whining" when she was expecting commentary about low-carb eating. Jennette responded in a very thoughtful, civil manner, where I probably would have said "Get lost."
If you understand anything about writing, you will know that you cannot tell a writer WHAT to write about. By all means, disagree with the content if you like, but writers owe nothing to you.  Read or move along. Your choice.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Red Red Wine

This past week I resumed a food plan that I used successfully in 2014. It is based on Jorge Cruise's Carb Cycling program, but I adapt it to suit myself. My belief and experience is that any rigid food plan is destined for failure.
I choose my foods based on several criteria : 1) Limiting sugar (and simple carbs which ARE sugar) is effective not just for weight loss, but for reducing risks of many diseases, 2) I eat foods which make me feel good. I know what they are because I pay attention to how I feel after I eat. 3) I only completely avoid foods which I either dislike or which make me feel bad.  Soy makes me feel terrible, and gives me stomach pains, 4) I enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day and I see no reason to give that up.
On Mon- Wed I keep it low carb.  This is a guideline, not a rule. If something unbelievably mouth watering showed up on Tuesday I would eat it. An example might be baklava from Turkey.  Food that is around all the time like Dunkin Donuts is NOT an example.
First week results : I lost 5 lbs, I was never hungry, and I don't feel sad.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Butterflies are Free

A couple of weeks ago, I went shopping for jeans at Macy's before a trip. I was looking for something functional for outdoor activities, but while I was there I saw an adorable pair of flare jeans embroidered with butterflies (not exactly like the image below). When I tried them on, they technically fit, but I was unhappy with how I looked. There will certainly be embroidered jeans in my future,as I progress with my fitness program.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We were built to fall apart, then fall back together

This morning I finally got back to my strength workout.  My latest challenge is the Navy Seals workout.  It is tough, but I am taking it at my own pace as I work through Level I.  We even got a pull up bar -- not exactly sure how I will work up to doing an actual pull up but I will figure it out.

It can be discouraging to look back on 2014 and remember how fit I truly was, and how much fitness I've lost.  But, the past couple of years did not involve me just "getting lazy;" they involved significant physical and emotional challenges-- including caring for my mom who was slipping into dementia.

We are here for the struggle. We have to learn and relearn the same things.  What's so bad about that?

Monday, March 13, 2017

Gimme Gimme I'm Worth It

It took me many years of my grown up life to realize I had almost never let myself want anything, not even as a little kid. Conventional wisdom says that if you overeat, you indulge yourself in whatever you want. I say if you overeat, you are avoiding what you really want, and it is probably not cake.

I see posts on Facebook ... If you could say 5 words to your 19 year old self, what would they be?

"It's okay to want things."

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Take Me Back to the Start

Two and and a half years ago, I posted this photo of myself on Facebook.
It was my most liked photo ever, which is a bit comical.   I definitely had some abs in the works and was probably in the best shape of my life -- ever.  This came at a cost.  I was engaged in some pretty serious workouts, and limited my carbs (great abs start in the kitchen).  Then.  Life happened. Which included 1) The great yoga injury of 2014.  In all seriousness, an injury to my butt made most exercise challenging.  2) Menopause. I won't go into details, but let's just say Yuck. 3) Ongoing care needs for my mom and some work-related changes that affected my schedule.

The upshot is that my abs are no longer fantastic, so I shall not make a spectacle of them.
I've gained more weight than I care to mention right now (although I undoubtedly will at some point), but more importantly I don't feel awesome. And I want to feel awesome. I'm not okay with okay.

So I am beginning a new fitness challenge that I will post more about tomorrow,

Until then.